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About FIDA

Origin and Formation

The Foundation for Integrated Development Action (now known simply as FIDA) was founded in 2004 by Faiysal AliKhan and his grandfather, the late Brigadier Sadiq Nawaz Khan Awan in response to the years of government neglect and resulting human suffering in Dera Ismail Khan and its surrounding areas in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The district was chosen as a starting point for the founders to give something back to their ancestral homeland, but also because of its multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic composition and its location as a crossroads neighbored by Punjab, Balochistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

These factors made the area a challenging, yet deserving, place to begin development work.

FIDA has now expanded its work across Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and South Waziristan Agency in FATA and works with a wide variety of donors, partners and communities.

Registration of IDPs in Tank


FIDA's head office is located in Islamabad, with a regional office in Dera Ismail Khan. There are currently field offices in Tank and Chitral.

The core staff is comprised of a senior management team who provide strategic oversight, institutional backstopping and guidance to the regional team.

The regional team is comprised of local professionals with years of field experience who are familiar with the culture and context of FIDA's areas of operation.

A dynamic board of directors provides governs the organization, ensuring a commitment to FIDA's vision and mission.

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Institutional Capacity

FIDA was originally registered as a non-profit, non-governmental, social welfare organization under the Social Welfare Ordinance of 1961.

After expanding its portfolio during emergency responses in 2009 and 2010, FIDA felt the need to strengthen its internal systems and institutional capacity. Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were established and have been implemented since September 2010. Internal and external audits are conducted on a quarterly basis by internationally reputed firms.

With these strengthened financial and operating systems in place, FIDA was re-registered in April 2011 as a not-for-profit company under Pakistan’s Companies
Ordinance of 1984.

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In 2012, FIDA became a member of the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN), the largest development network of Pakistan, with an outreach of over 35 million rural Pakistanis.

This partnership further enhances FIDA's capacity and provides institutional backstopping at the highest level. It is also in line with our commitment to social mobilization.

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A society built around good governance and democratic ideals, supported by a sound economy and a sustainable use of resources.


To mobilize and build the capacity of existing political and social structures and to act as a link between civil society and marginalized communities, thereby empowering all stakeholders to achieve their identified development goals in a sustainable and replicable manner.