A Gateway for Development
Guiding Principles

Cooperation & Facilitation

One of the key elements in FIDA's approach to development is cooperation. An integral part of this cooperation includes partnerships with donor agencies and other NGOs. It is FIDA’s belief that sharing of resources, knowledge and expertise will lead to a more efficient and sustainable system of development.

FIDA has therefore positioned itself as an entry point for organizations wishing to do work in the districts of operations. This is a significant role in areas where a major challenge of development lies in establishing relationships, trust and credibility. FIDA has already established these critical elements and can provide the resources and access needed to implement development projects.

In an attempt to reach as many people as possible, FIDA works with a wide variety of communities and groups throughout the region. FIDA also works to create links and partnerships with neighboring districts, in order to strengthen and replicate the work that is being done.

Health & Hygiene Promotion at Local School in Partnership with Oxfam

Long Term Vision

A cornerstone of FIDA’s existence has been a longterm approach to development. Therefore, the first five years of operation were viewed as a “research and development” period, allowing time in the field to understand the traditional mechanisms, structures and cultures of the areas, as well as the development needs of the communities.

Building meaningful relationships and maintaining integrity of process are imperative when working in areas that are often hostile to NGOs, suspicious of outsiders and vulnerable to security issues.

This strategy enabled FIDA to respond quickly and effectively to the displacement caused by military operations in South Waziristan in 2009, acting as the sole implementing partner for the Provincial Government, UNHCR and others and assisting over 270,000 individuals. FIDA continued this emergency relief and rehabilitation work with the displaced communities and did so again after the unprecedented floods that occurred in 2010 and 2011.

Access to Justice Awareness Session for Women

Holistic Approach

FIDA believes in a multi-sector, community-driven approach to development. Rather than dealing with single issues in isolation, FIDA formulates comprehensive strategies that help communities address with their concerns holistically.

FIDA also works to build and strengthen the capacity of Community Organizations (COs) and Village Organizations (VOs), thereby creating social transformation this is meaningful and sustainable.

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Technical and Vocational Training in Partnership with VTEC and German FFO


A society built around good governance and democratic ideals, supported by a sound economy and a sustainable use of resources.


To mobilize and build the capacity of existing political and social structures and to act as a link between civil society and marginalized communities, thereby empowering all stakeholders to achieve their identified development goals in a sustainable and replicable manner.