A Gateway for Development
Our Work

Core Program Areas

FIDA works in the following program areas:
  • Community Physical Infrastructure
  • Youth and Livelihood & Development
  • Alternative Rural Energy
  • Water, Sanitation, Health & Hygiene (WASH)
  • Education
  • Gender and Advocacy
  • Emergency Response and Rehabilitation

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Cross-Cutting Themes

FIDA attempts to integrate the following themes (either explicitly or implicitly) into all of its programs and projects:
  • Gender
  • Youth
  • Advocacy
  • Social Mobilization
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A society built around good governance and democratic ideals, supported by a sound economy and a sustainable use of resources.


To mobilize and build the capacity of existing political and social structures and to act as a link between civil society and marginalized communities, thereby empowering all stakeholders to achieve their identified development goals in a sustainable and replicable manner.